Weddings under canvas...

As people get more creative with their wedding ideas we are seeing more and more couples putting a ring on it in the great outdoors!

Did you know that currently the UK and Wales require that you get married under a licensed structure so lots of couples tie the knot in a small ceremony before hand and then have a second humanist ceremony in front of all their friends and family Double the fun! If you’re in Scotland, you can pretty much get hitched where ever you like!

Often times these outdoor weddings take place in a farmers field and the happy couple literally piece every aspect of the wedding together including the place where the best moves are going to be pulled - on the dance floor!


This all sounds wonderfully idyllic but getting married in a field in the deepest darkest countryside can make logistics and sleeping arrangements slightly tricky. Hotels can be far away and taxis get lost looking for a large field with lots of Prosecco fuelled happy revellers in it!

At Canvas Co. we know all about this which is why we offer accommodation packages for wedding parties! Whether it’s our luxury bell tent or our Royal Indian Shikars complete with wooden floors and real beds we can put together beautiful accommodation for your guests and take away the stress of finding a hotel and taxi service. We will even set up a private booking page so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty!

Imagine waking up with everyone together ready to get stuck in to the bacon sandwiches and help with sorting out the carnage a large party can create!! We can even recommend someone for the bacon sarnies and some incredible wedding catering specific to an outdoor setting!!

For more information regarding our wedding accommodation packages, just get in touch!

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Friendly Soaps for friendly people!

You might be getting the hint that we take our impact on the environment seriously! We aren’t perfect by any stretch but we are trying really hard to eliminate needless plastics from our kit and minimise our carbon footprint when it comes to transport.

It’s with all this in mind we have researched some lovely toiletries for our guests! Aside from offering recycled foam ear plugs and our lovely eco stardust biodegradable glitter, we offer each guest a shampoo and conditioner bar from the Friendly Soap Co. and a smashing tin to put it in!!

Made with Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils for their yummy nourishing and moisturising properties and mixed in with essential oils to give it a delicious smell and bring you the calming, antibacterial benefits of Lavender & Geranium or Lavender & Tea Tree these bars can outlast 3, YES 3, standard shampoo bottles!!!!

Not only are they great for your hair with no hidden nasties inside but they are super friendly to the environment too and to be honest, they are incredibly cost effective!

Take a peek at all of the products on the Friendly Soap website, we think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that changing your normal toiletries, packaged in plastic will not cost the earth!

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Eco stardust - sparkle and shine without the guilt!

We all know that festivals and glitter go hand in hand… but with the huge problem of single use plastic, does this mean we have to rely on our inner sparkle and ditch this festival essential?

Did you know that the size of glitter makes it especially environmentally hazardous, especially as it makes it’s way to the oceans. These microplastics not only carry disease but they look like tasty food to marine life meaning they ingest the particles and essentially die from starvation…

This is incredibly sad and scary, but… we have good news! Whilst there has been much in the media about bio glitters, which claim to be biodegradable yet still take hundreds of years to decompose we have discovered there is actually a plant based alternative made by the awesome Eco Stardust!!!

Abalone - No Border.jpg

You heard right, they can now make glitter from plants! In fact, sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees to be exact which means the glitter bio degrades in just 4 weeks… This meant it was a no brainer for us to provide Eco Stardust for our boutique guests this summer!

As if all that wasn’t enough they also have a 'Non Bio Glitter Amnesty’, that’s right, you can send them all your plastic based glitter, including your crafty bits and pieces. This will then be cleverly made into jewellery using recycled resin (from surfboards!) and you receive a 15% off voucher by way of thanks meaning you can replace it all with a zero impact alternative!

Sunshine - No Border.jpg

It’s exhausting and amazing how much Eco Stardust do to ensure they’re adhering to their strong ethics… they even donate 10% of their profits to Surfers Against Sewage, Greenpeace and City to Sea!

We are super proud to help you get festival ready with the awesome Eco Stardust!

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NASS Festival 2019 in pictures...

Good times from NASS 2019 - Images courtesy of @ManchesterPortraits @FestivalPeeps

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Take your tent home… Say no to single use.

Were you even aware that tents are made from plastic…

Most people have no idea that this is the case and focus their attentions on cutting down on straws and plastic bottles. Whilst it’s certainly helpful did you know that ‘single use’ festival tents result in almost 900 tonnes of plastic waste every year!! In fact one 3.5kg tent is the equivalent of 8750 straws or 250 pint cups… When you put it like that it makes you realise the extent of the problem as, every summer in the UK, an estimated 250,000 tents are left on UK festival sites.

Many retailers sell cheap tents and festival packages which almost encourage people to leave their tent behind at the end of each festival, often thinking that a charity will come along and take their tent away. In reality very few of these tents are deemed useful to the charities and the majority are sent to landfill.

We are really proud to be a part of the Association of Independent Festivals who have started the initiative to encourage retailers to stop selling and marketing festival tents as single use items and to bring awareness of this problem to festival goers far and wide.

You may think, ‘Of Course The Canvas Co is going to back this campaign, it means more tent sales!’, but the ethos of The Canvas Co is all about being as respectful to the environment as possible. From our logistics to the toiletries provided for our guests, we take our environmental impact very seriously and even if you don’t book with us, we implore you to consider your impact on the earth when you visit a festival this year.

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