Environmentally Friendly

Friendly Soaps for friendly people!

You might be getting the hint that we take our impact on the environment seriously! We aren’t perfect by any stretch but we are trying really hard to eliminate needless plastics from our kit and minimise our carbon footprint when it comes to transport.

It’s with all this in mind we have researched some lovely toiletries for our guests! Aside from offering recycled foam ear plugs and our lovely eco stardust biodegradable glitter, we offer each guest a shampoo and conditioner bar from the Friendly Soap Co. and a smashing tin to put it in!!

Made with Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils for their yummy nourishing and moisturising properties and mixed in with essential oils to give it a delicious smell and bring you the calming, antibacterial benefits of Lavender & Geranium or Lavender & Tea Tree these bars can outlast 3, YES 3, standard shampoo bottles!!!!

Not only are they great for your hair with no hidden nasties inside but they are super friendly to the environment too and to be honest, they are incredibly cost effective!

Take a peek at all of the products on the Friendly Soap website, we think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that changing your normal toiletries, packaged in plastic will not cost the earth!

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